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About Paraman

Paraman is a Life transforming speaker, voracious reader and a prolific writer.

After working in the field of IT for over a decade in India, Japan and United States, Paraman’s passion was to help people in bringing out their hidden potential, and make their life a grand success in all facets.

Paraman has founded his organization Malarchi, that touches and lifts life of fellow human being. Malarchi creates a wave of transformation in the life of Tamil people. Malarchi makes difference in life of people through its courses and follow up programs.

Paraman is the Editor of the Tamil monthly ‘Valarchi’ which helps people on self development and growth.

‘Manappalagai’, ‘Agamum Puramum’, ‘Udal Valartheny Uyir Valartheny…’, ‘Valarchi Vidhaigal’, ‘Manakkeni’ and ‘Karkai Nandrey’ are the Tamil books authored by Paraman.

Some of Access Training Programs

ஒவ்வொரு நிகழ்வும் முக்கியம்தான்!

உழைச்சா உயர்வு உண்டு!

தலைமைத்துவம் என்பது

வானளவு வளர..

நீங்களும்தான் பொறுப்பு...



Valarchip Paathai

Valarchip Paathai

Malarchi Dinam

Malarchi Dinam

Enbam Pongum Eradaiurathu Pathinaru

Enbam Pongum Eradaiurathu Pathinaru

Subbu Rangan

The founder of malarchi is mr.paraman. He is a life transformation trainer. They conduct 8 days training which is named as malarchi. This will enable to live a life at a higher levels of health, wealth and thoughts. They have courses of children's also.

Gayetri Vijay

One of the most incredible experience in life. The classes helps me stay motivated and much more. There are no words to explain the spiritual feel. Glad to have Paraman in life. Thank you so much

Panchi Subramanian

Wonderful sessions which is suitable for whole family to travel with throughout our lives for achieving greater heights in all dimensions of life.

Wallmaxx sales

Life changing course! My life became beautiful in Malarchi. Happy to be a part of this Wonderful forum.

Guhavelan Muthaiya

Good place meditation. We will feel better. Getting tips for inner and outer of our body

shyamasekar sekar

thankyou Mr. Paraman i am shyamalatha your student for 21 batch in kancheepuram i will get more energy to the way yours spiritual from God

madhu s

Life changing classes ,i felt i was late in life but atleast now we had the luck to go ahead for the brighest future


Life leadership courses Very useful to all


Malarchi class give full positive vibration to many of people

உங்களுடைய தொழிலை மேலும் வளர்க்க, இந்த Workshop பயனுள்ள வகையில் இருக்கும்.